Outernational rhythms and sounds... a musical melting pot, mixing tropical ingredients from Africa, Latin America, the Caribbean and beyond. From traditional roots music and analog rhythms to the latest dancefloor grooves and digital sounds, we provide an original and authentic taste of global beat culture. DJs Magrelo + special guests provide you with this intercontinental soundtrack. Born from a passion to search far and wide for amazing music, Hotplate creates bespoke and unique musical experiences for parties, clubs & events.

A seasoned music hunter, tracking down tunes from around the world for over 30 years, with particular interests in Reggae, Brazilian Rhythms, Tropical Vibes, African Music and its diasporas across the globe. A Future World Funk collaborator at the Notting Hill Arts Club alongside DJs Cliffy and Russ Jones, Hotplate Afro Session at the Lake Of Stars festival in Malawi, and guest DJ at various clubs & events in the UK.

Hotplate spread its vibe amongst London venues like the Notting Hill Arts Club, The Double Club, Momo’s Kemia Bar, the Africa Centre, Big Chill Bar, RICHMIX, Brixton Jamm, Vibe Bar, and IndigO2. Along our journey, we have welcomed guest DJs Eric Soul (Afrogroov), MO DJ (Bamako, Mali), Cal Jader (Movimientos), Suga Kan'n, Hugo Mendez (Sofrito), & Mo-laudi (Joburg Project).

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